Alexa Remote2 stops talking

Hi all,
I apologize if this has been addressed in another thread but I couldn't find it if it does exist. I'm running the current version of remote2 and every week or so it'll stop talking. Everything else seems to work fine and the node issues a 'success' result. I've read in other topics that re-deploying or just opening the config node and updating work to correct the issue; and fortunately so far it has. That was the last post on the thread and the thread was closed due to no response. Have there been any revelations, resolutions, or permanent fixes that address this?

Not as far as I know.

I just use the update workaround when it happens

Ok, thanks for the confirmation.

@wecoyote5 The same thing has happened to me today. I found your post while searching for a solution. I did what you suggest, opened the config node, pressed update and then redeployed.
It has indeed started chatting again.

Is anyone using the Alexa init node or have you selected auto init in the config node?

Yes, auto init is enabled. The weird thing is that the actual Alexa interface works OK so init doesn't look to be needed. I get events and I can ask Alexa to turn off/on something, etc and that works just fine. It just stops talking even though I get a 'success' response, Regardless I setup a daily init now so we'll see what happens.

Yes, Same issue here.
I am have the issue daily. Is made to work again by re-deploying.

I have the init node running once every day... so far it hasn't broken anything so only time will tell if that's keeps her talking.

Well, it hasn't hurt anything but she still stops talking. I'm going to add an on-demand init and just fire that off when she stops.
If anyone comes across a root cause please share :slight_smile: