Installed 1.2.7 on Pi Zero Now See Multiple Node Threads?

Installed, new OS load, 1.2.7 on Pi Zero now see multiple node threads? I don't recall seeing this in past on my PiZero devices? Did something change between 1.2.6 to 1.2.7 that allowed this or such?

The PiZero is also slammed in reference to processor loading, so, I need to break down the flows list and find out why this is happening. I am not saying anything is wrong, just asking to rule out a few questions as I working out why the processor loading seems so high.

I also noticed that memory loading is lower than I typically see with the given group of flows, than with older versions of NR. This may not be material per se, but was an interesting observation.

Multiple parallel 'npm' calls seems to be the trigger for the separate node processes. I have a flow that checks the various versions of NR, NPM, etc., once every 24 hours. The flow needs to be restructures to it does not slam a PiZero, given the other active flows running at the same time.

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