Installing Node-Red to a Gateway Hardware with Linux Kernel Installed

Hi all, I recently purchased a Gateway hardware that runs on the Linux Kernel. However, I am having problems trying to get it to work. The gateway device mentioned that it supports Node-Red user interface but I am not sure how can I install Node-Red to the device. I am trying to use the device to communicate with a sensor using the Modbus protocol.

I used the apt-get commands to try to install Node-Red but it says invalid operation. Perhaps i do not have node-red packages in there yet? I looked through the documentation in Node-Red website on how to install the node-red but don't seem to have one instruction that allows me to follow that fits my issue.

I am quite a newbie to Linux and Node-Red and therefore need some help from everyone. Thank you in advance.

Welcome to the forum @DanielCGY.

Assuming that you are following these instructions from the node-red docs, did you manage to achieve the first requirement, which is to install a supported version of nodejs, or is that where you are getting the error?

Wherever you are getting the error please copy/paste the command you are running and the ouput here. When pasting in use the </> button at the top of the forum entry window and paste it in.