Installing Node-Red to a Gateway Hardware with Linux Kernel Installed

Hi all, I recently purchased a Gateway hardware that runs on the Linux Kernel. However, I am having problems trying to get it to work. The gateway device mentioned that it supports Node-Red user interface but I am not sure how can I install Node-Red to the device. I am trying to use the device to communicate with a sensor using the Modbus protocol.

I used the apt-get commands to try to install Node-Red but it says invalid operation. Perhaps i do not have node-red packages in there yet? I looked through the documentation in Node-Red website on how to install the node-red but don't seem to have one instruction that allows me to follow that fits my issue.

I am quite a newbie to Linux and Node-Red and therefore need some help from everyone. Thank you in advance.

Welcome to the forum @DanielCGY.

Assuming that you are following these instructions from the node-red docs, did you manage to achieve the first requirement, which is to install a supported version of nodejs, or is that where you are getting the error?

Wherever you are getting the error please copy/paste the command you are running and the ouput here. When pasting in use the </> button at the top of the forum entry window and paste it in.

Hello DanielCGY,
I face same problem you come across , Do you already solve this ?

Hi muzi,

I managed to solve it by using npm instead of apt-get to install node-red

you can type in: sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red

also remember to install node.js first before installing node-red

So in fact you solved the problem by following the instructions from documentation that I linked to earlier, though you did not respond to that post.

@DanielCGY @Colin Thanks for your quick response , But I check my system info is below:

Seems belong to Arch Linux should use pacman

But my system don't have this command , I have to install pacman first . :joy:

I doubt whether anyone here can help, but maybe someone has experience with NXP. Probably your best bet would be an NXP forum, or one related to the device you are trying to install onto.

Hi Colin, thank you for the link to the instruction page. Yes it did helped me.

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