Node's installation failed


I am working on the multitech gateway ( AEP 1.7.4) where node-red (0.15.3 version) is already pre-installed.
I want to install node-red-dashboard and some other nodes but it always failes.

Please I need your help. Thanks

I beleive node-red-dashboard needs a newer version of Node-RED than v0.15.3. Node-RED is now at version 1.2.x

Yes - you may we able to install an older version like node-red-dashboard@2.9.5
but the latest versions need nodejs 8.17 (which is also beyond end of life). That device is also extremely limited on memory so even if it does install I would expect performance to be useful. It is better being used as a comms gateway - sending data to a more powerful backend.

Thanks for your response.
How can I install a newer version of Node-RED which is pre-installed on the gateway?

Not sure what version of node-red is inside of V5.21 but I would guess it is newer. firmware

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