Interesting / weird observation in DEBUG window (NR 3.0.2)

I started to post this earlier but it stopped happening and so I couldn't get the screen shots to show it.

(Pictures say 1000 words)

I am working on something and there are messages shown in the debug side of the window.

Slowly - well not always - they scroll off the top when there are no new messages arriving.

See below screen shots.
Comments BELOW pictures.

(Ok, this was going to be the start.

Some time later the list is shorter. Missed getting the starting picture for this.
But.... NOTE I have not ever pressed the bin icon to wipe the list.

A few seconds later the top message disappears.

Then a few seconds later, again, the top message disappears.

Leaving only the one message.

I closed the node and posted this.

Now even the last message has gone.

What's going on?

The debug has a total limit across all flows so if there is lots of activity on other flows then that's why they disappear from the flow your watching


I didn't know that.


Thanks that makes sense. I've seen that effect on my set-up and often wondered why the report gradually disappered. Makes complete sense now.

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