Recurring bug in the debug section

Hello there,

I encounter a problem this days with the debug messages section.

The problem is, when I initialize my flow the objects that should appear in the debug section start to show but suddenly disappear.

I upload a short video to show you a demonstration. As you can see, the objects totally disappear...

If someone know a solution ? Thank you for reading.

There is a finite shared buffer for ALL debug messages (to keep memory usage to a sensible level and to keep the editor as responsive as possible)

I suspect your other debugs are simply exhausting this shared buffer.

It is good practice to disable debug nodes when you are not debugging - since they generate LOTS of websocket traffic and too many can have an adverse affect of performance of the editor.

To prove this to yourself, try disabling all other debug nodes.

Thank you for your quick reply,

It's a good hypothesis but I tried it and it doesn't change anything, the objects appears while 1-2 secondes and disappear just as soon.

Enable All nodes and double check there are no other debugs occurring


Apparently, when I enable all nodes, only one of my three debug nodes works :

Capture d’écran 2024-05-15 à 11.10.30

The two others don't show anything.

Finally, I find a solution.

In my opinion, unchecking debug nodes won't free the shared buffer.

For that, you need to disable the node by clicking on the small square right of the node :

Capture d’écran 2024-05-15 à 14.46.06

I think unchecking the node in the "selected node" part will still load it, but will not display it. Whereas if the node is deactivated as shown above, nothing will be loaded.

This is just a hypothesis and if I'm wrong please don't hesitate to correct me. Thank you Steve :wink:.


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