Intervall Inject not works

Hi everybody,

i have some flows with different intervall inject's.
For a few days i have the problem that all the inject dont work between 06:40pm and 7:45am.
Manually i can trigger the Injects all time an the Dashboard ist aviable all time.

How can i configure this or where is the Problem?
How i can find the problem?

Node-Red 1.1.3 works on an Qnap Nas Container with Ubuntu.

Thanks for your help.

Have you added debug node directly on the output of the inject node to check that it is not firing?

Yes i have added some debug nodes. The inject note ist firing between 06:40pm and 7:45am.

So it is working? or should that have said "The inject note is not firing between 06:40pm and 7:45am."?

If it is not running, could this be an issue with your Qnap Nas Container?
Do you have a way to check the Qnap Nas Container to see if something is blocking access during that timeframe?

Oh sorry, ist not working between 06:40pm and 7:45am. After 7:45pm the inject works.

the container ist running all time. What kind of block do you mean?

If the debug node attached to the inject showing no activity during that timeframe then something is keeping the inject from running. Since you are running this in a 'Qnap Nas Container' I would be looking to see if that is causing the issue.

I know nothing about Qnap Nas Containers but if I were you, I would be talking the thir tech support to see if they could explain why this might happen.

Okay thank you.
I thought i find the problem in node red because of when i manually trigger the inject in the node in the timeframe there is no ploblem.

i try to find the problem in the qnap nas.


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