Is it just me, or is 'red' on the dashboard a bit orange?

Is it just me, or is 'red' on the dashboard a bit orange? Is this because of the dark theme or HTML color issue?

Post a screenshot or check with a color picker to check yourself

For me, red is red.

But it depends on which red you use.

Have you checked the RGB values?

Make sure the are FF0000 and then see what it looks like.

I would say there's "a few" more colors you could call red than just #ff0000. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah, but sometimes its the things you overlook that trip you up.

I just wanted to be sure they are looking at red, and not a different flavour of it.

Does not compute. :grin:

They rckon it depends on your language / where you come from - colour is a strange thing (like time :smiley: )


Most people would use a colour standard when discussing named colours.

The one we would most use in the UK at least is Pantone. However, there are plenty of others,

indeed there is a standard set of named Web Colours. Even the original 16 named colours include 2 reds (Red and Maroon).

The extended set includes 9 Reds:


The web-safe colour table includes far more.



Strange scarlet isn't mentioned.


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This got out of hand quick. :laughing:

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Lets not start talking about orange versus brown.

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This discussion tickled me, I was a colourist, among other things, before I retired.
Our eyes can discern around 10 million shades. In my entire career I came across thousands of shades of red alone.


The things that get you guys fired up... LOL! Here is the screen screen print...

I tried 3 different browsers and 4 different monitors... the color is fairly consistent across all noted. One monitor is a bit warmer than the others, but they all represent the default 'red' in the dashboard as, IMHO, a bit orange. I would call 'red' fire engine red which to my eye has a bit more of blood red coloring than this screen print which to me is more of fire-brush red, if you are familiar with the plant?

If anyone wonders... this is a picture of my smart plug status in NR... Teal/White ON, Teal/Black OFF, Red (cough)/Black, device OFF-LINE.

Is it me, or does your Teal look a little greenish? :nerd_face:


That red is definitely red, no question about it. Perhaps your monitor or your ambient lighting is off?

Find something that looks red when you are outside on a cloudy day then hold it against the screen and take a photo.

LOL.... is this a US versus UK thing? I did notice something... it is the to some degree the browser(s). When I pull up the graphic in a paint program... the red is Red, less orange. But the same graphic in the browser has a bit more orange.

As I noted, I tried this across multiple monitors and browsers. I would say it just my 'eyes' but given the difference between the rendering via paint program versus browsers, not so.

LOL! There is SO MANY ways I could reply to that statement!

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So, can you photograph it? If there really is a difference, it should show up. Of course, best done with a camera that supports RAW format but if it is noticeable to the eye, it should show up on a camera.