Join node missing


Sorry bit of a noob question but I need to combine the output of two nodes and the ‘Join’ node would seem to be the one to use - except I don’t have it on the palette! Is this a standard node and if so why don’t I have it? Is it possible it’s been blown away or overwritten and if so how do I re install it?
TIA Peter



Hi, yes it is a core node and we'd expect it to be there.

The most likely explanation is you have installed a contrib module that also provides a node called 'join' and they are conflicting.

What version of Node-RED and node.js are you using?

If you look in the Palette Manager within the editor, if you expand the 'node-red' module, do you see the join node listed? Any errors against it? Are there any other join nodes in the whole list?

Finally, check the Node-RED log when you start up for any error messages.



Many thanks for prompt reply!
Node Red version 0.19.4 and Node.js version 11.4.0
I think what’s happened is, not realising I already had a ‘Join’ node I installed a contrib ‘join’ node which may have overwritten the original
Next to the ‘Split’ node on pallete manager I have a blue ‘Join’ icon but with no ‘disable’ option so something corrupted :tired_face:
Just need to work out how to put the original back!



start by removing any join nodes on your palette from the contrib node and then use the Manage Pallete option to delete the contrib node and then restart Node-RED



Delete the contrib join module and restart.



Many thanks all - rubbish deleted, rebooted and ‘join’ node reappeared - now back on track!