LAN shared folders in Android

Hi! Im developing a node-red flow where it needs to acess another computer folder with a network connection. In windows it works perfectly i just need to put the right directory (//PCNAME/etc). I've installed "Total Commander" in my phone but, when i use the specified path (///lan/givenname/etc) it does not work.
Can anyone give me a hand? :slight_smile:

How are you accessing the folder from node-red?

I don't understand what Total commander in your phone has to do with node-red.

It has to do because im trying to acess a folder in my pc from my phone (running node-red)!

And total commander allow me to acess the files in the pc!

You didn't say that you were running node-red in the phone.

Those two statements appear to conflict with each other.

Im sorry i tought i said it
Let me refrase

In my (andoird) dashboard i want to have a chart where the values are inputed by a csv file in my computer. If i do it with two windows os devices it works, i just have to name the file "//PCNAME/FOLDER/FILENAME". How ever, using total commander the path given by the app is "///LAN/GIVEN_NETWORK_NAME_ON_THE_APP/FOLDER/FILENAME" wich does not work!

//computername/share/path is a function of Windows, it won't work on Android, especially under Termux.

Total Commander allows access inside it's self, but it won't make it available to other applications (in this case Termux) on the phone.

The only way you might get this to work would be to see if there is a samba package for Termux and then manually mounting the share into termux before starting Node-RED

Ok thanks so much! I think its easier to use mqtt then because i have a limited time to finish this project and i dont know that much about termux and samba packages!

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