LG webOS and Raspberry Pi

Hi am newbie,

I read that webOS can be installed in Raspberry Pi 3 but can node-red runs on LG webOS or i need another Pi than runs on Raspbian and use the node-red to control LG screen with Pi 3 running webOS?

Thank you

slightly confused here - you said "with Pi 3 running webOS" - is that correct ? or is it running on the TV. Either way - we have no idea as we haven't tried it - I would suspect it's unlikely to work as first you need node.js installed so if you can install that you may be ok... but as you're the first to try - please let us know :slight_smile:

Hi sorry about it. Actually i will get LG screen along with pi3 to test it. It can be any other screen. https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/webos-open-source-edition-raspberry-pi/ . I am just not sure if node-red can run on it once i install webOS.

Thank you

If I read the documentation correctly: you need to build an image on another system, image it to an SD card and then boot from it on the RPI. It is an OS by itself, no shell access by the looks of it.

I think @hobbyquaker is probably the best person to ask at this point... as he has interfaced to TVs using it - https://github.com/hobbyquaker/lgtv2