Light Scheduler - Schedule not selectable


I noticed that i cannot select a scedule anymore. Normally just drag and drop active times, but now i cant select anything anymore.

Tried Chrome and Edge, both same problem.
Anyone else this problem?


Hi Rene, welcome to the forums. From your screenshot I can see the node is titled “Light Scheduler”, but do you by chance remember the name the package had at installing?

Lena, do you mean node-red-contrib-light-scheduler or something else?

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Hi Rene, does the behaviour you’re seeing look like what is described here?

And can you go to the hamburger menu (top right of your screen, the 3 horizontal lines above each other), and respond with the number seen at the bottom of the menu (which is the node-red version), then click “manage palette”. On the “installed tab”, can you scroll down to “node-red-contrib-light-scheduler” and list what version is shown there as well?

The issue from the above link is specific to people updating to a newer version of node-red, and the node itself should have this issue fixed in v0.0.16, but it might also be possible you’re seeing something else/new.


Hi afelix,

That is 100% the same issue. Sorry for double posting.


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No apologies needed. The question is really, what are your version numbers, and if lower than v0.0.16, will upgrading help resolve your issue?

Is is fixed with the 0.16 update :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help

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