Macros.... multiple nodes.... as opposed to SUBFLOWS

Oh, I am so happy I started to use SUBFLOWs rather than discreet nodes.

The pain that I was having before them was just unbelievable. (Well, maybe not. but...)

The latest thing to bite me is like a Macro.
Maybe GROUP would do this, but not how I see it.

I'm making a flow. I need some nodes to be put there which are like a subflow.
But can't be because there are inject nodes and debug nodes used.

For example like this:

So I want to have an ability to include this group of nodes into the flow like I drag/drop any other node (or subflow).

Yeah, I can copy/paste. But if I accidentally copy something else to the clipboard.... All over red rover and I have to go back and copy that group again.

Am I getting too ambitious? :wink:

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You can use the Export to Library feature to export a file a set of nodes as a named flow in the local library. Then you can import that when you want a copy.

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