Manage planning by node-red-contrib-google-oauth-calendar

Hello community
I am wondering if I can manage the planning via node-red for example for the reservation of rooms.
can I use node-red-contrib-google-oauth-calendar and instead of events using rooms

A calendar is a calendar. so 2 questions.

  1. Can you envisage using a Google Calendar to manage the reservation of rooms? Or perhaps 1 calendar for each room maybe? This is a quite common need and a common use of electronic calendars.

  2. Can you connect to a Google calendar using that node?

If both answers are yes, then I would think you can come up with some suitable logic. Node-RED is just a low-code way of running logic and connecting to things.

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no 1 calendar for all rooms, instead of seeing days 1 2 3.. we see room1, room2 (so that we can check the availability of rooms)... I saw an example with outlook but I don't know how they did it

Exchange has resource calendars that can be used for booking any resource including rooms, equipment, etc. Outlook itself lets you create multiple personal calendars.

Google lets you create as many calendars as you like on a single account.

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hmm okay, I got it
thank you a lot :ok_hand:

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