Missing Flow Showing as "Global nodes"

One of my flows is no longer showing in the tabs within Node-Red. I am unsure if I somehow moved the location or deleted it. The flow appears to be working still so I assume it is not gone. When I went into the flows directory and renamed the "flows_.json.backup" to the original " flows_.json" and restart Node-Red, I am greeted with this:

It appears the flow that I am missing is listed as "Global nodes".

Any advice/clarification would be appreciated.

HI @texasterminator5 - that is very odd and not something I can immediately explain. Could you send me a copy of your flow file (nick.oleary@gmail.com) and I can take a look at what has happened?

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@texasterminator5 please email me your flow. As you can see, pasting it directly into the forum has corrupted it and doesn't help.