MQTT stuck on Yellow Connecting

I'v created a MQTT node and which i have linked with influx DB node. My mqtt node is supposed to be connect with my device on the TTN "co-sensor1". I have followed all the steps to set up the mqtt node that TTN has posted < MQTT in Node-RED [HowTo] - Application Development - The Things Network > but for some reason my node is stuck on " connecting "
MQTT loading
MQTT -setting1
MQTT - setting2
Also when I try to paste the mqtt access key that I have generated from TTN onto my password section it keeps disappearing when I deploy it and often shows the old passcode that I have used for a previous application.
MQTT - setting3
Before all this all went left I was receiving errors to change my credential secrets which I'm showing below. I edited out what actually there so will just say I wrote "pineapples2".
MQTT - setting4
I don't know if this is what I did wrong or not so if you have any idea on how I can fix this issue please let me know.

I think you should be using port 8883 for secure MQTT connections!

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Well spotted.

From API Reference | The Things Network ...

API Reference

  • Port: 1883 , or 8883 for TLS
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Thank you for @ghayne it worked

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