N-R + Pi-Hole Can't connect to NR through browser


I just downloaded Pi-Hole on my raspi that is running N-R to block ads with my RasPi acting as a DNS server. The issue is I can no longer get to node-red on my browser through the http://[raspi IP]:1880. It just fails to load.

I verified that node red is running on the pi (I can see it at in a browser).

In checking my router I verified the rasPi IP is correct so I am not really sure what I did wrong.


Start by disabling pihole to see if that is the problem, though it should not make any difference if you are using the numeric IP address.
pihole disable

Can you ping the pi from the PC? using the ip address?

add your nodered ip address to the white list of your pihole, this will stop blocking the website.

Pihole is a DNS server. It shouldn't have any effect on IP addresses entered numerically.

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