Need help from a Tuya Guru

I need the help of a Tuya Guru. I got my devices, smart plugs, all connected to the tuya smart app, to validate they all work. I got a developer account setup on the tuya web site. I got the list of device ids, and device keys, from the tuya cli. I loaded both of the tuya contrib node modules into NR.

But I have yet to get any of the nodes to connect to the tuya cloud/web infrastructure via NR. I have one key question, is it the local IP address (via local WIFI) that the nodes are asking for? Or the IP address that shows up in the tuya app per device? I think it is the local ip right? Neither seems to work, but not sure if that is the problem?

I can't seem to find any detailed logging for what is happening either, so not sure where or what is failing. From what I have read in the forum, this tuya stuff is tricky or finicky often, right?

Ok, of the 3 or 4 modules in NPM based on tuya API, none of them work... why? Because they are all very old and the tuya API has been updated, effectively breaking them. There is one module/package that is on github, but NOT in npm, that actually works, it is node-red-contrib-tuya-local. But you have to download it from git or git clone it, then do a local npm install. There are multiple issues filed asking the author to add it to npm of course.

You can also install directly from GitHub unless there's extra setup steps. In this case just npm install subzero79/node-red-contrib-tuya-local if I remember correctly.

Yup, seems to have worked just fine. Odd, that the author did not mention it.

It's doesn't seem to be a widely known feature of npm.

Remember: You want to make sure to change to the .node-red directory before using the npm install method

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Right, forgot to do that when I first was learning about NPM, and what a pain when you make a rookie mistake like that.

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