New User Tutorial

Where is it and how do you get the badge for completing it?

When you joined the discourse you got a direct message from @discobot inviting you to do it.
If you go there or message the bot again you can start both the regular and the advanced tutorial.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

@vlturner which New User Tutorial are you referring to? One for Node-RED or for this forum software (which is how @afelix has interpreted your question).

I read it as the one giving the badge, and I’m not aware of any node-red tutorial handing out (forum) badges :slight_smile:

Well there's a thought - some Node-RED "Quests" :rofl:


You can even make flows that are incomplete and have to be solved, or nodes that are placed but not wired, or wired but not configured :wink:

Somewhere in the backlog is the ability to have a more locked down editor experience for this sort of tutorial - where the editor prevents the user from modifying some parts of the flow and only allows them to add certain nodes. For someone just starting out and following a tutorial, this would help keep them in the right direction.

And the ability to have finer grained control over what can be done in the editor does keep cropping up from time to time - so the uses would go beyond just the tutorial scenario (although that's the one I'm most interested in).


I am looking for the one referenced here. The link should be included on this.

That is the one @afelix mentioned - New User Tutorial

And if that wasn't detailed enough yet :slight_smile:

That "Greetings!" message would start the tutorial if you were to press the bookmark button. But it can also be started following the syntax in the second image.

OK a little dense here...How do you get to and use discobot, and what is the name of the tutorial?

I am laughing my ass off because this "Isn't" intuitive...

You guys assume someone already know how this works.....Its a programmer thing. :slight_smile:

Found it...Very cryptic start. The entry needs to be more explanatory.

Okay I’ll take a step back. When you created your account you got a direct message sent to you titled Greetings from the “user” @discobot.
This shows in the top right of the screen with a green badge that you’ve a new, unread, direct message. You can see it by clicking your profile photo in the top right of your screen, then in the menu that shows the envelope, then scroll down to a message with that title.
It would show the message from the first screenshot I placed above.

That message is the start of the new user tutorial. The last line reads that if you’d like to learn more to tap the 3 horizontal dots at the end of the message, followed by the appearing bookmark icon. When you press it, Discobot will talk back. That action starts the tutorial.

You can also start it by clicking Discobot’s profile in the message below this one, clicking the personal message, then typing @discobord start tutorial.

As far as I know these badges are created by the Discourse forum software, and can’t really be edited in descriptions.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Thank you all....Got my badge...:slight_smile:

Doubtless the first of many :slight_smile:

The really annoying thing is that you have to do the same on another Discourse forum too if you want to unlock things - would be nice if you only had to do it once.