Newbie Dashboard Layout question

Hello to the group.
I am new to Node Red. I am using a Rasp Pi 4 and have managed to create and run a couple of flows. I am accessing the RASP Pi with Anydesk as I will be setting it up at a remote location.
I am able to see the flows on the dashboard and all works well. The question I have, is that I notice that when some members post photos of their dashboards, that they do not have the superfluous information such as the Chromium header information and just display the Name of the flow followed by the gauges / graph etc. info (I have attached a screen shot of the Rasp Pi flow that I created to monitor temp/humidity in my garage located at the cottage. As you can see the screen is taken up by the Anydesk info screen (which I get needs to be there) as and the Chromium tab/page info along with the menu on the side of the screen (I will try to figure out how to remove the menu on the side of the display next). Is this a dashboard resolution issue?

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


I think most of the customisation you want to do is in the dashboard settings:

By the way, anydesk allows tcp tunneling. I think (but haven't tried it myself). That you can forward port 1880 to you local pc.

So you can access NR via the browser:

Thank you for your response. I will go back to the dashboard settings and play around with them.


Use F11 to use the browser in fullscreen mode.

Some settings can also be altered in the settings file, if you open the file in a texteditor and read through the options it is pretty self explanatory:

Thank you all for the helpful advice/tips and guidance.
So much to learn.
Have a nice weekend all.


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