No able to move position of button in dashboard layout

in my dashboard layout i would like to move some element to another position.
I can see my element but im not able to move them.
i see a lock icon if i click on it unlocks then i cant change the place.
see the image pls

it's sort of backwards lock icon means the size is fixed so you can set it to whatever you want. unlocked means it is set automatically to fill the space... so you want it locked... then change the size to 2x2, then move it.

Happy to consider other icon suggestions that may make more sense...

It works.
Thank you.

for me the icons are fine, but must admit that - at the very few times that I need the layout editor - I almost every time forget what those icons mean ...

Could it perhaps be an option to specify somehow a tooltip (e.g. "fixed size" or "auto fill") to those icons?
I have added quickly a title attribute to the icon 'manually' via Chrome developer tools:


Which explains things a bit more:


until you have to translate... but yeah good idea... like it.

Aaah, not thought about that ...

all do-able - just not a one line fix...

I noticed on the screenshot above, there are no arrows at bottom right of each element, hinting that the element can be resized??

Like this -

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Yes - odd.

Have seen situation many times but allways with something else in progress so just going back and giving some fixed sizes to elements and the layout tool starts working correctly.
I think there is some kind of combination for starting point when the layout tool opened first time for newly created group and where it fails to decide the state of each widget.

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