🎉 Node-RED 2.0.0-beta.1 Released

Yes. As I said, we won't merge the PR until we're all agreed, but it gives us something to have in the 2.0 project plan so it doesn't get forgotten.

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Oops, I should have done that instead of just posting here. Sorry about that, and thanks @Steve-Mcl

Posting here is the right thing to do for the beta so we have one place where issues are gathered.

This is bad timing, I am away from home so I won't be able to play till the rest of you have had all the fun sorting out the wrinkles. :frowning:

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Installed fine and running without issues on a Zero W Buster here.

As I understood from previous threads of monaco code editor, there is or will be some options for monaco to adjust at settings.js but there is no hints like all other setting options have. Would be helpful if can be added.

Many thanks. Great work.

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you mean you want docs before release... wow that would be a first :wink:
though the new settings file does have some clues re theme, fonts etc, and does include a link to IStandaloneEditorConstructionOptions | Monaco Editor API
which should be enough to keep you amused for a while.


The new default settings file does include a link to the Microsoft docs.

I'm not sure what else we'd want to add.

Yeah, sorry. My fault. The new settings file of course has all what is needed. Having too many VSCode-s running and then steering completely wrong file just fooled me completely.

I think I'm hitting a bug in HTTP Request node, without using a proxy so it shouldn't be part of the known issue.

I'm using basic authentication in a flow that queries an API endpoint (confirmed as working with the same username/password combination in 1.3.5) this is what I'm seeing in the console:

11 Jun 07:26:13 - [error] [http request:Harvest API Daily] HTTPError: Response code 401 (Unauthorized)
    at Request.<anonymous> (/usr/src/node-red/node_modules/got/dist/source/as-promise/index.js:117:42)
    at runMicrotasks (<anonymous>)
    at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:97:5)

I'm running the beta in a container on a raspberry pi, using a custom built image (as I always do).
the Node.js version used is: Node.js version: v12.22.1

Everything else appears to be working as it did using the non beta version.

Just to report... upgraded to 2.0.0-beta-1 on a RPi-4B, Buster OS - no problems at all.

I copied the default settings.js file (in Nick's link above) to a new file in my Node-RED area, then swapped the files around so I had the new file and also retained the old file (just in case I needed to do a revert).
I then edited the line... lib: "ace: to lib: "monaco" and did a reboot. Really nice editor. Thanks Steve.


Re Monaco snippets - currently when you use node.warn or node.error it auto selects the complete string including quotes for replacement
It could (eg like the node.status) just highlight the text between quotes
So then you don't have to re-type the quotes... I think this is more natural - but...

Of course you may want to insert a variable instead of text - but I think it's a better hint that it should be text if it defaulted to just replacing the text rather than the complete string.

What do others think ?



Can you supply some more details about this please, testing against a local basic auth server is working.

How are you setting the username/password?

@hardillb I'm setting the credentials in the node properties window like this:


the flow is basically an Inject Node, a function node that sets the Headers:

msg.headers = { "Accept": "application/json" }
return msg;

that goes to the http request node, nothing fancy here I suppose.

The other thing that comes to mind is that the URL is https but I didn't check the Enable secure (SSL/TLS) connection

Can you let me know what API you are hitting. Is it something I could get a trial account for to test?

Yes, it's not a problem. I'm hitting the Harvest API v1 (which is discontinued but still works for legacy apps) this endpoint specifically https://help.getharvest.com/api-v1/timesheets-api/timesheets/retrieving-time-entries/. You can get a free trial without a credit card as per: Harvest App Pricing

Thank you for taking the time to look into this.

Just as it is now IMO.
As you have said, users may wish to insert a variable, which if the quotes remained would mean further editing, or result in an error.

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I can't see how to get the YOURACCOUNT part of URL for the v1 API

I assume they have disabled that to prevent people building new projects with the v1 API since it's deprecated

OK worked it out, it's the @ in the username that got doesn't like it


I hope 2.0.1 includes colour themes for monoco @Steve-Mcl :clap:

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