Node-red-contrib-ui-statechart makes my Dashboard disappear

Hi there,
I just tried to install node-red-contrib-ui-statechart to get a bit more informative charts.
Installation works basically fine, but if I create a chart and deploy it, my whole multiple-page dashboard disappears and does not show up again, no matter what I do.

If I restart the whole instance I can see this error message:

To make my old dashboard accessible again, I have to uninstall the statechart package and restart the instance.

What does that mean ?


It means you should open an issue on the node's GitHub issues page.

I'm here. Just if you are going to create the issue, add info about your environment and the dashboard configuration also. Currently there is only the dashboard version you have shared.

I have never been on github and I have no idea how to create an issue there :slight_smile:

but I can add some more information here:

I am running on Node-Red 3.1.3 since one week and the Dashboard I am using is the most actual one - 3.6.2

I did several additional tests yesterday, but whenever the mentioned error message shows up - after installing the statechart node - during startup, no dashboard at all is shown in my node-red setup, although I have approx. 10 pages up and running there
all I see is the empty dashboard startpage

as soon as statechart is uninstalled, everything works fine again

Does it feel relatively slow to start up the dashboard? 10 pages itself maybe a lot but it all depends. Also do you have option to try different browsers?

I have identified the cause of issue but I don't yet like the potential fix.

no, not at all, the dashboard is really quick (but Node-Red as such is running on a Intel NUC i7 processor) - especially as there are several charts (vanilla dashboard charts) with thousands of data points included
I tried at least two browsers so far - Chrome and Safari on my mobile, but I could of course try several others

You may try to install v 0.2.1

I just gave it a try.
The chart is shown now, but everything else disappears. The statechart bar is the only item shown in my dashboard. All the other pages are gone

Things to try..
Clear browser cache
See if any errors on browser console

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