Node Red Dashboard side menu doesn't show

Hi ,

I have set up NR Dashboard on one of our environments.

But for some reason i don't see the hamburger icon for side menu.
Nor do i see the side menu which allows me to navigate between groups.

I checked the forum. Saw that generally its suggested to move to latest Node version or Dashboard version.

My Node.js is on v16.13.2
Dashboard version is 3.1.5
My NR is on 2.1.4 on that env. Should this anyways impact the Dashboard ?

Any clues ?

Check in the Dashboard Options > Site in the right hand panel that you have Show Titlebar selected.

As @Colin mentioned!
Dashboard->Site->Options->select "Show the title bar":

Screenshot from 2022-08-17 11-18-50

This only it show when you have two or more Tabs configured on your Dashboad:

Screenshot from 2022-08-17 11-19-20

What is this menu?

I think @SandeepA means the drop down hamburger menu, which you can't get to if the title is hidden.

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The same as you showed.
I understood my issue - i had 1 Dashboard. So hence it doesn't show it. The moment ii added the 2nd one - all went well.

Thanks for helpiing.

Correct. Thanks.

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