Node red does not start

Could someone help me with the following question?
I first tried to install node red under visual code (extension Node-RED Jun Han). this didn't work. Then via cmd of windows and this didn't work either. I received the following error message

The error message (which I can't paste here as I'm not retyping it from your screenshot) points at a syntax error in your settings file.

The line it shows the error on is not part of the default settings file, so I assume is some part of whatever visual code extension you are referring to.

Do you think that the problem would be solved when i uninstall the extension in visual code and run node red via cmd, or do i stil have to change the default setting file?

I have no idea what the VS Code extension has done, nor what it will do when you remove it.

If you delete that settings file entirely and rerun Node-RED, it should copy back in the default settings file for you.

Thank you for your reaction.
Deleted the code inside the settingsfile.