Node-RED Failing to open

After implementing a 'Complete' node which is triggered upon an MQTT publish node, my Node-RED will no longer launch.

When I use the 'node-red' command to launch, in the CMD window I see many error messages which my 'Delete' publish node is generating however Node-RED will not even open for me to stop the flow. Worth noting is that I have created a 1-second interval for my Inject node which publishes all of my topics (1000 of them) and upon publishing I am triggering a 'Delete Topics' function using the complete node.

I can no longer stop this flow. I am wondering if anyone has experienced a similar issue and I would also like to recover a backup of said flow in the case I have to uninstall and reinstall node red.

Thank you.

Run node-red --safe.

The editor will be available but flows are not started, allowing you to mke changes, delete nodes/flows etc.
Deploy will exit safe mode.

Thanks a lot !

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