Node-red helm chart


I've created a kubernetes 'helm chart' for node-red based on the official node-red docker image, and intend to submit for inclusion to the official charts repo. Any feedback or suggestions for this chart would be most welcomed!

The chart is:


#2 submitted for this



Hi @billimek... Just spotted this.

Not 100% happy that you've provided what appears as an official chart for the project without any sign off from us. We're now being asked support questions about it and we don't know about it.



Hi @knolleary, was there a better way to go about seeking feedback for a chart other than here?

If it's now a concern, a PR to remove the chart from the helm/charts repo shouldn't be too difficult to complete.



Hi @billimek - this was a reasonable place to post the discussion about it. It is unfortunate that I missed your post at the time. I try to stay on top of the 100+ posts to this forum every day, but sometimes things slip through. But given this is something using the project's name without any indication it hasn't come from the project, then it would have been good to have had more of a discussion around it before it was published.

In the short term, the main piece of feedback would be for the readme to make clear this it is not maintained by the Node-RED project and indicate where users should ask questions about it.

In the long term, I'm sure it would make sense to put it on a more formal footing with the project. We'd want to review it properly, understand what exactly it does and how it'd get used. Adding docs to etc - all of the things that come from being a proper part of the project.


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