Node-red industrial

This is just an information.
Since i need to work with Linux, i installed a Ubuntu on an older machine. In the snap-store i found the node-red industrial. The information on the info page says:

Listens on port 1891 and runs as as service in strict mode by default. Fully configurable on port 1882: edit settings.js directly from a webpage!

The snap by default comes with the following packages installed:
• node-red dashboard
• CtrlX-Automation-Contrib
• OPCUA contrib
• node-red-contrib-cip-ethernet-ip
• node-red-contrib-s7
• MongoDB3
• Influxdb
I have not yet tried it, but that might reduce some work with new installations.

Questions to ask yourself before committing to this. Does it include up to date versions of node-red and all those nodes? Is it going to be maintained for the foreseeable future? Can you install other nodes? Can you access the device hardware from the snap (serial port or GPIO pins for example).

It is easy to install node-red on Ubuntu. The recommended script is the same as for a pi and can be found at Running on Raspberry Pi : Node-RED

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