Node Red - issues with flow and Home Assistant



I have a very stupid beginner question. I am playing since two days with Node REd and Home Assistant, but I am struggeling with a very easy part:

My issue is the upper flow:

If I do an “inject” on “Fenster schließen” then this Service is executed correctly, the 1st delay is also working, the second Service is then not working, but the second delay is again working, as well as the function.

If I do an “inject” on the second Service “Rollladen schließen” it is also working.

So I cofigured both services correctly, but in a flow only the first Service is working. What do I wrong?



At the moment I solved it by doing the Services in parallel:



None of your screenshots show any DEBUG nodes.
I find they are very useful when building my flows as they allow you to see the message at different places along your flow.

I would suggest adding some debug nodes to check that the message being passed along the flow is the same as you think it is.


I have removed them before doing the screenshot… :wink:


Without being able to see the whole flow I am not sure, but what I think is going on is you do not have a the input of the “Rollladen offnen” node. Connect the output of the “Fenster schließen” node to the input of the “Rollladen offnen” and that should fix it. Again post your whole flow and also your debug as @ukmoose said.