Node-RED not installing on Raspberry Pi 4

Hey, so basically im new with all this, im using the Raspberry Pi 4 and im trying to install node red, and I can't install it in the terminal of the Pi 4 just appears the imagem down below and nothing else.

Use the full command as specified in the official docs...

bash <(curl -sL --node16

Note. I added the --node16 to save you missing that part

Ps, you missed the last ) in your screenshot

Hey, thanks for replying it helped with the command :grinning:
But now I have this problem and I've already look in the internet and I can't do what they say can you help please?

You can post the install log that it mentions there. When posting please copy/paste rather than screen shot.

First though, make sure that this works
sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade
If that doesn't work then the script will fail.

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