Node Red not working across guest networks

I am working with a group of students to develop data monitoring stations using several Raspberry Pis. We have developed the dashboards which can be accessed on the local device as well as across authenticated networks. I am running into an issue with communication on guest networks. I cannot put the Pis on the main network at school so I am using the guest network . I have tested this at home and also have this issue with the guest network. My guest network at home is password protected but the one at school is not. In both situations, on a secondary Pi, when trying to access the primary one, I have the error “the site cannot be reached.” It says that is unreachable. As I said, it works on the main network but not guest. Has anyone else run into this issue?
I should mention that yes, I am changing the ip address when changing networks.

Regardless, my first thought is that this is a network issue and not really NR. How did you check? Did you try to ping the Pi's? Did you let the DHCP server assign an ip for both Pi's? Just for the verification, are you able to reach internet from both Pi's? Did you try the same with, let's say 2 laptops?

Actually, if it is the case that devices on the guest network can't reach each other, I think it is exactly what you really would like it to be, isolating devices from each other

EDIT: found this with Google, so just for testing, did you verify with isolation disabled as well?
If i am not mistaken disabling the Isolation option will only allow you to see devices on the Guest Network; however, it still will not allow you to see device on the Primary Network from the Guest Network.

Yes, I accepted the ip addresses assigned by the DHCP since I don’t have access to the schools router settings. Yes, both Pis can access the internet but cannot see each other. I tried arp -a and only see the router. I just tried 2 laptops as well and have the same issue. So it’s the guest networks. I guess that is a good security measure. It doesn’t fix my issue but now I understand it better. Thanks.

I believe there is a demarcation between the guest network and the main network.

The main can see the guest network devices but the guest network can't see the main network's.

This is a security thing that you can put "game machines" on the guest network and play them happily on the network - internet - with no thread to them "contaminating" (aka: infecting) the main network's devices.

So if the Pi on the guest network is trying to see the one on the main network: it won't happen.

I don't have any magic solution, sorry.

Yes, this is for sure not a NR issue/topic even though NR might be affected. As it will if there is no power supply from the power station

I many guest networks, the network applies device isolation to prevent devices talking to each other and only allows them to talk to the router and from there to the internet.

You could use a spare Pi to set up your own local network.