Node Red on The Pinephone

I just successfully installed Node Red on the Pinephone. I am using the Mobian (Debian for mobile) operating system. I had to install curl then ran the same bash scrip you use on the Pi. The Pinephone is a phone built for Linux with over a dozen operating systems available. Mobian is just like the Raspberry pi OS with a different UI for mobile. You set up an image on a micro SD card just like the Pi. I use this for my main driver phone. No more forced Android updates or Google tracking.

A few other points that make the Pinephone a great Node Red Platform:
You can ssh in like any Linux machine.
The audio jack can be used as a serial port.
The USB 3 dock gives the phone power, adds two USB ports, 1 HDMI and Ethernet connection.
Android phones have a hard time with power in plus serial out.
This will make the Pinephone a good Linux based "robot head". With all of its sensors and network connections it has a lot to offer a mobile platform project.



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