Node-red v132 gives problems

I installed per accident an update of node-red v132.
I hit a node-red update flow.
Is there a easy way back to 1.28 or 1.29 or can i (we :slight_smile: solve below problems ?

After update two things doent work

  1. all my data (projects) wont show.
    project is disabled it says

strange because my settings files is ok
// Customising the editor
editorTheme: {
projects: {
// To enable the Projects feature, set this value to true
enabled: true

  1. my https does not work anymore,

Issue 1 is the most important !
It looks like my node-red 1.32 executes /root/.node-red
instead off
/home/pi/.node-red !!!
Where can i change this? this could solve all problems accept the unwanted version (but if this is stable enough thats no problem!

That means that you have run node-red as the root user, usually either by running it manually with sudo node-red or, if running with systemd, you forgot to include the user setting.

i activated a flow (an update node-red flow) in NODE-red.
So strange that this flow puts the software under ROOT?

The code is: sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red
So i have to remove the sudo part, and it then autom. installs in /home/pi?

The question is how you run Node-RED, not how you install it.

By default, Node-RED creates and uses a directory called .node-red in the home directory of the user running it.

ok, solved , installed again, this time ok...

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