Hello everyone, I have problems sending signal messages.

The registration is ok.

The receiving of messages works.

But, when sending I get you the following error message:
"Signal client error: {"successfulIdentifiers":,"failoverIdentifiers":,"errors":[{"name":"OutgoingMessageError","identifier":"+49xyz","code":413,"reason":"Failed to retrieve new device keys for number +49xyz"}],"unidentifiedDeliveries":,"dataMessage":{"type":"Buffer","data":[...]}}"

Does anyone have any ideas?

Yes, please. I can't even get the request-sms to succeed. It sends nothing to the Internet but fails with

Signal client error: {"name":"HTTPError","code":-1,"response":"TypeError [ERR_UNESCAPED_CHARACTERS]: Request path contains unescaped characters"}

Nowhere have I put in a path so I'm thinking this is an internal issue, possibly due to NR 2.x

Maybe @gausma will chime in.

Sorry, I only use Signal for secure comms. I will not be connecting it to Node-RED or anything else.

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