Nodered get qr code using android camera

Hi all I would like write a node red project on my raspberry. I would like that if an android device open dashboard using chrome it can scan qr code using android Webcam of smarthphone. This is possible?
Many thanks in advance

Yes, so long as your dashboard is secure. I've done this in my previous role.

Here is an outline of the steps necessary: To scan a QR code through a web interface on a mobile phone using the phone’s camera, you can… | by Ritika adequate | Medium

Essentially, use dashboard or dashboard-2 or ui-builder (or server a web page using http nodes), server a page that does what the article says, pass the data back to node-red (using the dashboard mechanisms or using a http endpoint).

many many thanks for your help. just one more question
do you have an example how to interface nodered with the webpage which scan the qr written in html and which need the ssl protocol because jsQRScanner library need it?
many many thanks in advance
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