QR Code reader in UI / Dashboard

Good evening team!! hope all is well.

I need some advice on QR reader project.

I use a CM4 / Bullseye + rapsi cam with Libcamera ( instead of raspistill)

on the NR side, I'm using ( node-red-contrib-image-tools ), and its works great and get the decoded value from the image on file.( home/pi/qr.jpg) and trigger a new image with exec node and command (Libcamera-still -o qr.jpg).

My Issues:

1- no preview on the LCD screen of the device that is currently in kiosk mode ( https://localhost:1880:UI/door1) ... i would like to mimic a qr reader detecting a qr code that the user can see where to point the device/phone presenting/displaying the QR code.

2- the static image capture and retrieve and decode seems a bit slow/sluggish, and I assume a video stream will be faster. I want to do this via NR as I need to use the qr code output data to process in node-red for user authentication. (GitHub - mebjas/html5-qrcode: A cross platform HTML5 QR code reader. ( https://scanapp.org)

Your advice will be very helpful.

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