Noob Zigbee Icon for Dashboard Tab?

I have a simple question: how do i get a Ziggbee icon into my Dashboard tab?

you will have to install it
On the top right you have the 3line go there go to "palette verwalten" and search for zigbee!
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There are 10 nodes with "zigbee" which one ist the node with the icon?
Btw I communicate to the zigbee devices via mqtt to a Sonoff Zigbee Bridge with Tasmota.

if you search you have behind the result a little square with a arrow, click on it and you got more information. Read and find what best will fit your wish

Thank you for your help.
None of the 10 results even has the word "icon" in the text of the linked pages.
Further suggestions?

Does the icons section of the readme help ? node-red-dashboard (node) - Node-RED

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Were do you need to use the icon? At sidebar like this?

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How do I get this?

I hope you did read the instructions about icons usage for dashboard.. As zigbee icon is not part of standard set material icons (correct me if I'm wrong) you need to get it from wide web. There is couple of options to achieve that but most simple is to use iconify icons. But for sure for simple usage it requires your setup to be connected to internet.

The icon source is here Icon Sets • Iconify. Choose one of them and then, use the ui_template node to add iconify script to the dashboard and configure the tab to use the icon.


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thank you.
That works.
I had to create the 2 templates, and now it works like a charm.

Why 2? It takes only one. (if configured correctly)

too late.
Super bowl
I'll take a look tomorrow

Much apreciated

It is documented here: GitHub - node-red/node-red-dashboard: A dashboard UI for Node-RED

Please disregard my question

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