Nora schedule switch

I have integrated NORA in my home automation project, so I can give commands with Google Home.

One of the features in my project is an automatic scheduled dishwasher. Normaly it is running when there is enough solar electricity. However, from time to time I want it working at another time. I can edit the starting time in the Node Red dashboard.
I also would like to do this with a voice command in Google Home. For now I used a NORA switch node. It works fine saying 'set dishwasher ON', if I want it to start now.
Anyone has an idea of how to start it at as specific time ? Something like 'Start dishwasher at 10pm'


Unfortunately that is a limitation on the Google side. Supposedly they are going to fix that this year - A more helpful Google Assistant for your every day

If it will be at a specific time each time, you can use Scenes (setting the logic of when a scene is turned on what to do in Node-Red) or Routines (setting the logic in Google Assistant).

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