NR unresponsive after update Raspberry


I have update the raspberry where my Node-red and Mosquito was running on from a 2 to the 3B+ version.
Because the the 3B+ doesn’t work on jessie I had to update the os to stretch.
Not that hard to do, Mosquitto gave me more problems because not all settings in the conf file where compatible with the 1.5 version.

However I noticed that Node-red is not that responsive anymore. Pressing the deploy button will take 30+sec before it’s deployed. Sometimes there’s an error that the server doesn’t respond and I have to merge.
Cpu load is in those 30+ seconds 105%.
On the old raspberry deploying took 2~3sec.

Has somebody some tips and tricks where to look at what can be the problem.
Does somebody else got NR running on a raspberry 3B+ with stretch?



I have a sapberry pi 3b+ with raspbian with mosquitto and node red and works fine…



Have you updated node-red, node.js etc using the technique described in I use the bash <(curl command. That should make sure you have compatible versions of everything.

If you have already done that then post what you see from the command node-red-log when you restart node-red.



I was in the assumption that node-red etc. also was update with apt-get, wrong assumption.
Running the curl script to update node-red etc. did the trick.
Deploying is now done within 1 sec. Have to test tomorrow more extensively but it looks much better.