Openweathermap fails to install

For some reason it wont install and i desperately need it, for a uni assignment
Does anybody know how one can fix this issue?

Hi Melvin :slightly_smiling_face:

I'm only guessing based on what you posted but you could try sudo chown -R 501:20 /Users/melvin/.npm

And don't use sudo to install nodes.
Generally it's easiest to install them from the editor Manage Palette menu option.

Hey, i was using the manage palette and that was the error code i was getting in the terminal, i already tried what u proposed, didn't work out for me, still thanks tho

I don't know if .npm/_cacache can safely be deleted but perhaps you could rename it temporarily, reboot and try installing the node again.

If it was a Raspberry Pi I'd say get a new SD card, install Node-Red, copy over your settings.js, flows.json, flows_cred.json and package.json then run npm install. (think that's what Ive seen recommended for borked installations).
Not so easy on a more traditional computer.

The .npm directory is safe to delete completely, it will rebuild as needed.

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