Output on restart

Dear folks, I have a question about a node and restarting node red.
I have integrated node red in home assistant, and the moment I restart hassio, and therefore also node red, I get an output on my created node. how c
an i stop this from happening.

First you need to work out why your node is sending an output. Which is your node on the image?

Dear Colin, the node in the image is an event state node from the Node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket.
I operate my garage roller door with this node. when i restart hassio, somehow a pulse is given which opens my door.


The RBE node has a mode where it will ignore the first value - and then only pass changes. IE it can use the first to set the initial state. (but of course if that first state is "open" then the next open will be ignored - so you may also need a timed inject to set it closed (or to whatever the true state of the door is) say 5 secs after startup.

Dear dceejay, in the rbe node I cannot find this option. Can you indicate which one you mean ?


Steve, thanks for your response, but here you are talking about the starting value not the first output, or am I getting it wrong?

Give a go. If it does the job, great. If not, pop back and we'll try to get a solution that suits your needs.

You didn't answer my question, why is your node sending an output. The assumption here is that it is sending an output because it got an message from the HA node. The RBE node between the HA node and yours will drop the first message it receives and then only pass messages where the payload has changed.

I think it is the HA node sending the message - presumably on start it changes from "undefined" to a known state - so sends that.

Exactly, but I am not sure @Vlak realises that.

Dear dceejay, with startup it sends an output off. with the RBE node I can block this and because the function is a toggle switch, this is not a problem. But I also sometimes suffer from this where I use an on off switch. Then this can be annoying. Could I somehow block it differently without blocking the first message?

@collin I realize very well that the HA node is sending the message. The question is also not necessarily who but rather why he sends it.

Well you didn't make that clear. Your initial post asked about how to stop the output from your created node, not how to stop the HA node sending a message to your node.
As to why that is happening you would have to ask the node creator or on an HA forum. Often it is useful to have a node output the current state on startup, and if you don't want that it is easy enough to block as has been shown.

You said

when i restart hassio, somehow a pulse is given which opens my door.

the RBE node when attached to Hassio will do exactly that - so I'm not sure what you mean by "Could I somehow block it differently" - to which the answer is - of course you can.

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