Pass a Variable to Nodered from Google Home

Hey Guys, Is it possible to pass a variable to NodeRed using Google home?
I want to be able to say "Hey Google Turn the light off in X min". I currently have a node that is Bed Light, using IFTTT I say "Hey Google Bed Time lights" and it dimms all lights in 5min, the 5min is harcoded, is it possible to trigger a node and pass a value to it?

Thank you,

That would require Google to add a delay or wait function to the lights action, so unfortunately has nothing to do with Node-Red. Using Node-Red-Contrib-NORA you can create scenes in Google and trigger them like you are doing through IFTTT then program the scene in Node-Red with your preset delay allowing you to skip having IFTTT as an extra step.

Not really, if we could pass the value "5" to Nodered, using function node you can pass that as a variable and have it wait X (in this case 5) or whatever.
I will check NORA, I need a way to leave IFTTT anyway, so thanks for the suggestion.
If anyone has any idea on how to pass Variable to NodeRed please do share.