Plotting a path for an autonomous boat

Newbie here.
I am looking to use node-red as a kind of mission-planner/interface to my autonomous boat for a project in school. My question is, would there be a way for me to plot a path using waypoints and send the coordinates of those waypoints to my boat. I see that the worldmap node allows for plotting and the coordinates do pop-up but I don't seem to find a way to retrieve the coordinates of those waypoints automatically. Again, newbie here, so there is probably something i'm missing.

They should come out as draw events on the worldmap-in node


Would there be some way I can create a flow that sends those coordinates via Wifi to my boat, whenever there's a new draw event?

Yes. You also get updates if you move /edit/delete a point

Managed to do it. Appreciate the help!

Love to see some pics when it hits the water !

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