Possible to Configure Git Settings and Open Project Using CLI?

I'm deploying and configuring a fleet of Pis using Ansible and have everything working well to the point where I need to tell Node Red what my Git settings are and to open an existing project that has already been cloned from Github to the projects folder.

Is it possible to do this using node-red-admin or is there a settings file somewhere I can update using Ansible so I don't have to log in to 50+ individual Pis to do it manually? :slight_smile:

It should be possible to achieve required using Ansible by adding new project to NR configuration (.config.projects.json), create necessary folder structure (under 'projects' folder) and pull latest workflow from your git repository.

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Thank you. I had already cloned the repo but hadn't modified .config.projects.json or .config.users.json. What I ended up doing was backing up those two files from a working system and restoring them (using Ansible) to a fresh install and restarting Node Red. It sure didn't like that. It still wanted me to configure Git and it won't even open my project when I select it.

I submitted a feature request because this is impossible based on similar questions in the forum and nothing in the documentation stating otherwise. I'll just have to forego git integration.

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