Problem with Perform Find using node-red-contrib-filemaker

hello guys, my problem is that perform find is congested in processing, when I try same flow with another account it pass, but with the specific one its always processing, any ideas what could be a problem?

What is the actual node? What are you trying to find? What is the input data?

so here is two identical ways, the only deference is client name, with test it passes the flow, but with sourcing, its processing always, here are screens:

Sorry, that doesn't say what node package you are actually using, node-red-contrib-xxxxx? There are thousands of node packages so it isn't always possible to know which you are using.

I'm using node-red-contrib-filemaker.. if the question is this

I'm using node-red-contrib-filemaker.. if the question is this

Right, so now I've been able to update your question title and the category and tags. Hopefully there will be someone with Filemaker knowledge that will now be able to see it.

thank u for helping

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