Providing data on modbus for external device

Hello everyone,
It´s the first for me, that I have to use modbus so I come here with some questions, just to make sure I understood right.
I want to provide data on nodered-side using modbus. Therfore I installed contrib-modbus and set up a test flow.

Currently I am generating 2 random numbers and write them to 2 registers.
Also I am able to read those generated numbers using the Flex Getter.
Would it be possible for an external application to read those numbers already,
Or am I missing some steps here?

Connection settings:

Started Nodered local on my pc and tried to read the generated values mentioned above:

turns out: it´s not working :confused:


I had to set the Server-IP to the device ip.
So instead of using I entered (which is the devices ip).
Now it´s working fine :slight_smile:

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