Question about node-red

Hi Im new to this platform and I wished to know more about details about these.

  1. Respond Time
    Average respond time for node-red program and what influences the respond time.

  2. Data Storage
    Any recommendation for data storage program for keeping data

  3. Multi Device
    Can node-red setup multi devices and how much maximum?

Any limitation with this platform?

5.Multi Users
How to setup for multiple users?


Welcome to the forum @Ideasbuilders

Response to what?
What hardware are you running on? Pi zero or super computer or something in between.

What sort of data? Time series? Employee details? Word documents?

What sort of devices?
For the maximum, again it depends on the hardware you are running on. Also on how the devices are accessed.

What do you want the users to be able to do? All work on the same flow development? Access some sort of real time process dashboard display?

Hardware im running is a IOT device with modbus communication.

Basically sensor data with time for IOT application.

For multi hardware will be the same IOT device with modbus.

For users, will be acessing dashboard, data with multiple level of permissions.

What IOT device?

Some chinese io controller, HY-IO4440

Node-red cannot do this.

Apparently this doesn't exist according to google :wink:

Hi @Ideasbuilders - welcome to Node-RED! Some of the requirements you mentioned are not possible with Node-RED currently, but are possible with FlowFuse: multi-user management with RBAC, device management from a central dashboard, persistent context/data storage, and multi-user dashboard is on the roadmap as well.

FlowFuse was founded by the co-creator of Node-RED to layer business critical capabilities on top of the open-source NR platform.

Here is a link to our site:

Let me know if you would like to discuss further!

SO if I understand correctly you are asking what the performance will be running on a device for which the spec is unknown.

How have you installed node-red on the device?

No, I'm just using as computer as the node-red host. The device just provides readings and control via modbus.

This one got hy-io4440c and hy-io4440i. The site is in chinese tho

In that case the limiting factor will probably be the modbus comms, not node-red.

For data storage look at influxdb.

Thanks, any suggestions for local SQL software?

All the popular ones are available. Which do you want to use?

I have no idea on which one of the SQL software are better.

What data do you need to store and what are you going to do with it after storing?

The data will mostly be timestamp, source and values, will be access afterwards for analysis

I already gave you my recommendation for that - influxdb.

My bad, just saw the OSS version.

How about multiple users access at the same time?
Is there a limit?