Reading a value in a number input dashboard node

I'm currently reading values from UDP messages and displaying values in Input Number dashboard nodes. I want to be able to change these numbers and then commit them back through a UDP message.
The only way I can seem to do it is by creating globals in a Function node before displaying them, keeping the globals up to date every time a number is changed with a function on each of the Inputs, and then another Function triggered by a Commit button node that then reads all the globals before constructing the UDP message.
This all seems a bit of an overhead. Is there a way that the 'commit' function can just read the values stored in the Input nodes (like you would do in Visual Basic)?

Not sure I really understand.

UDP-in -> Dashboard number input -> UDP-out

Why do you need more than that? Perhaps because you want to retain the last incoming number I'm guessing?

UDP-in -> Change Node (save to var) -> Dashboard number input -> ...
   ... ->   Change Node (save to var) -> UDP-out

What else do you need?

Remember that there is no real direct connection between the Dashboard (which runs in a browser window) and Node-RED (which runs on the server). Other than the websocket comms.

The incoming message has many values in it. I need to display them and allow the user to change one, several or all. Then the outgoing message must contain all the values including the unchanged ones.
This is a constraint I have to work with as that is how the Owl Intuition works and I have no control over that. I'm trying to work out the optimal way of dealing with it.
Thanks for trying to help.

The principle should be the same. Either take all of the properties to the Dashboard and back - probably using a Dashboard tempalte - or push everything to the var then to the Dashboard and only send changed properties back. Because you have everything in a saved var, you can simply send everything back via UDP.

I've got is set up now with a function that splits the incoming CSV string into its components and passing each (19 in total) property/element to a Numeric Input node which passes the original and any changes to a Change node as you suggested. Then on the commit button, another function reads all the flow vars and assembles them into a CSV string for sending back out over UDP.


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