Removing an npm installed local test node on Windows 10


Just a mild query (as I’ve sorted it out by deleting manually so I’m not stuck) but…
I am playing around with a copy of the mqtt node (set up a test-cymplecy-temp folder with a package.json and modified versions of 10.mqtt.js and 10.mqtt.html)

I got it working OK in a git cloned test enviroment and decided to try it out in my normal install

I installed them by cd ing into my c:\users\Simon.node-red and running npm install pathtomyfolder\test-cymplecy-temp - refresh browser - my test nodes appear - all good

Decided to remove it so googled - found tried em all - node still in editor

Manully editied c:\users\Simon\.node-red\package.json and removed reference to it - made no diff

Finally got rid of it my deleting c:\users\Simon\.node-red\node-modules\test-cymplecy-temp folder

Is this normal on Windows or am I just unlucky?



Never tried to be honest. What I do is to create a symbolic link from the dev folder to ~/.node-red/node_modules (or wherever you have your userDir).

Then you can simply remove the link when you are done. Also means that you can run npm install in the dev folder to install all dependencies and do any required compilation. No need to actually install under the Node-RED userDir folder.

You could also use npm link but I found that to be unnecessarily complex as it creates an extra copy in your global cache, not terribly useful.