Removing nodes, but still showing as used in Palette

I'm getting some strange / unpredictable behaviours using node-red-contrib-nest. I may be hitting up against Nest API limits, but thanks to the amazing lack of API quota information in the Nest documentation and in my developer account, there's no way of knowing.

To make sure I'm not getting confused, I have removed all nodes except one of them, however three nodes (and one config) show under Palette. I've searched my flows (using Ctrl-F in the canvas) but I can find only one of these.


Is this a common issue? Is it related to a faulty package? Is there a cache that can be reset, or somesuch?

That is telling you that node-red-contrib-nest provides 4 types of node - not that you have four of them in your flow configuration.

It shows as 'in use' because you still have a node from that module in your flow.


Ahh, thanks Nick!